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The v60 pour over is a great and very easy brewing technique that will produce fantastic quality. We have a range of manual brewers from both Hario and Kinto which produce aromatic, flavoursome and clean v60 coffees. Both brands are great choices for brewing for one, two or even four people. There are also larger manual brewers such as the Chemex, which only require small recipe tweaks to make enough coffee for 6 or more people. This recipe will focus on making a good portion that two people can share using a V60 for 2. The same recipe can be used for one person by cutting the ingredients in half. Remember to use filtered water if possible to get the best results.

Step 1

Start by grinding 30 grams of coffee (around 3 tbsp) to a coarseness that resembles a sea salt-like texture.

Step 2

Bring at least 500 grams (18 oz) of water to a boil.

Step 3

If you are using paper filters we recommend that you pre-wet the paper before you place it on the dripper. If you are using a metal filter there is no need to pre-wet.

Step 4

Next, we add the freshly ground coffee to the filter and very gently level the surface of the grounds. Depending on which brewer you are using you can then place it on a carafe or a cup. If you are using a digital scale, which we recommend, place your set-up on it and set it to zero.

Step 5

We will be doing four pours in total for this coffee recipe and we recommend using the water as hot as possible. The first pour is the most exciting and magical because it is when you will see the coffee “bloom.” As hot water first hits the coffee grounds, Co2 will be released creating what resembles a blossoming effect—the coffee grounds will rise up. To ensure we maintain consistency for future brews, we also recommend timing your brew which can easily be done using any smart phone.

Start your timer. Begin by pouring your water slowly starting at the outer edge and moving in a steady spiral toward the centre of the brewer. Stop pouring when the scale reaches 60 grams. This first pour should take about 15 seconds. Make sure all the grounds are wet, even if you need to add a little more water. Give the coffee an additional 30 seconds to drip before moving on to the second pour. As it drips, give your brew a gentle swirl by holding your brewer or carafe and moving it in a slow circular motion.

Step 6

For the second pour start in the centre of the grounds, pour in a steady spiral toward the outer edge. Be sure to go right up until those edges to get all the coffee. We want to make sure no coffee gets trapped and misses extraction. Add around 140 grams of water, bringing the total up to 150 grams. The goal during this pour is to sink all of the coffee grounds. Once again create a gentle turbulence by giving your brewer a very gentle swirl that “stirs” the coffee, allowing water to more evenly extract the grounds. Allow 45–65 seconds to elapse.

Step 7

As the water and coffee are arriving to the bottom of the filter, pour an additional 150 grams of water using the same technique, start at the centre and move towards the edge. This brings the total up to 350 grams and should take 20 seconds. Once again give your brewer a very gentle swirl.

Step 8

When the water and coffee from the third pour reaches the bottom of the filter, complete your fourth and final pour. Add the last 150 grams of water, bringing the total up to 500 grams of water. This last pour should take 20 seconds. One last time, give your brewer a gentle swirl and you should watch your coffee slowly drip until the end.