Kinto SCS Coffee Server

Made from heat-resistant glass and designed to work with all Kinto brewers. On each server and jug are white dots used to indicate when two or four cups of coffee has been reached, ensuring correct amounts every time without the use of scales or guesswork

Product features
• Brand: Kinto
• Range: Slow Coffee Style
• Material: heat-resistant glass
• Size: 2 cups or 4 Cups
• Capacity 450ml or 750ml
• Marked to: 2 cups or 4 cups
• 2 cups Dimensions: H: 90 x W: 130 x Dia. 85mm
• 4 cups Dimensions: H: 110 x W: 150 x Dia. 95mm
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• Country of origin: Japan

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