Frequency House Choice

Ground or Beans:

With the Frequency House Choice our team selects a coffee for you. The choice will be from one of our delicious single origin coffees.

All of our coffees are omni roasted to highlight the best qualities of the bean and taste great on both espresso and filter coffee machines. Let us choose you a coffee that we know you will enjoy! 

How We Source Our Coffee

With the help of our expert green coffee buyers we select some of the best coffee beans available on the market. By working with the best, we ensure our coffees are grown ethically and sustainably. 

Our Importers

We currently only work with importers of fine specialty green coffee. They work closely with the top farms around the world.

How We Roast Our Coffee

We currently roast in a 25kg Probat at theTate Britain. The museum hires out their state of the art roaster to help small coffee companies like us offer delicious coffee to our customers. Every roast supports the museums and galleries.

How to Brew

The preparation of the coffee in your house is the final step of a long chain of events from bean to cup. It is important to give it the respect it deserves. We recommend using clean filtered water.


* Please note that this selection will never include a decaf coffee.



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