If you could go back who would you want to meet?

My best friend owns a coffee shop in kings cross London and has stared a journal so I thought I’d share this for all of his customers as it’s a story about a coffee shop in Japan. 

The story goes ...

Set in a Tokyo coffee shop - BEFORE THE COFFEE GOES COLD was first a play before being adapted to a novel by Toshikazu Kawaguchi.

The concept is simple - 

A coffee shop that allows a customer the option to take a trip back in time if they follow some simple rules and keep an open mind.

They must sit in ‘the seat’ if it’s not already inhabited by the ghost ( but that’s another tale!). The ritual of time travel can start now with the shop owner Kazu pouring a hot cup of steaming coffee directly from a silver pot into a waiting white cup. 

The spell begins and the customer is transported back in time to a moment of choice taken place within the four walls of the coffee shop.

The only rule -

You must return before the coffee goes cold.

Second chances to deliver messages of love, news of the future or simply to see someone one more time - these are the choices on offer. But when all considered through the stories of these hopeful travellers I am reminded to perhaps simply live with the paths fate has chosen for us.

That is how I met Justo anyway on the first day he opened his coffee shop - and that’s our story.

By Helen Cowley